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We understand that if you are going away, then you will want to be assured that your dog will be well cared for. At Acorn Lodge, we are committed to providing the best care possible for cats, dogs and other small animals. We are in Peterborough. If you want to schedule an appointment for dog grooming, contact us today.

Terms and Conditions

1. All animals must have an up to date vaccination certificate including kennel cough/booster vaccination also flea and worming treatment
2. In the case of emergency a vet may be called and the animal may be moved into their care if necessary.
3.All boarding charges incurred are to be paid before the date of departure.
4. In the case of an early collection, you will be charged until the end of contract.
5. All animals and belongings are to be left at the owners own risk.
6. Payment accepted for boarding is by cash, debit / credit card.
7. Abandoned animals will be rehomed after 3 weeks.
8. All animals collected after 10am will be charged for the whole days boarding.
10. In case your pet needs veterinary care, you have given your permission for us to contact your vets for information / history.